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Take the financial
guesswork out of
your fuel supply.

At MEGA, we approach pricing differently.

Unlike other bulk fuel suppliers, we provide a fully transparent pricing structure that uses published Terminal Gate Pricing (TGP) as the cost basis for negotiating a Fuel Supply Agreement. This departs from the standard procedure of issuing customers with a discount from retail prices, which are prone to fluctuation and inflation.

Our model recognises the need for suppliers to provide customers with reliable pricing information. Within it, customers are able to price check all deliveries at any time via TGP data published online, simply by applying their margin to the posted TGP. This enables efficient fuel budgeting with security against costs being tied to volatile retail prices.

By choosing us as your fuel supplier, you’re choosing industry-leading cost management measures for your business.

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At MEGA, we value integrity and innovation. That’s why we’re leading the way in fuel pricing transparency.

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